4 June 2008

New Zealand Order of Merit: new Knighthoods and Damehoods

> LAWS179: "New Zealand Order of Merit (Titular Titles) Bill: My New Year Honours List" > LAWS179: "New Zealand Order of Merit (Titular Titles) Bill" > LAWS179: "Queen's Birthday Honours" Continuing my previous theme, the new honorands with the proposed titular titles: ORDER OF NEW ZEALAND Sir Murray Gordon HALBERG, ONZ* NEW ZEALAND ORDER OF MERIT Ta (Sir) Harawira Tiri GARDINER, DCNZM Sir John William HANSEN, DCNZM Sir Peter Charles MAIRE, DCNZM Emeritus Professor Sir (Arthur) Harold MARSHALL, DCNZM Kahurangi (Dame) Gillian Karawe WHITEHEAD, DCNZM


Graeme Edgeler said...

So you're not also proposing re-renaming the DCNZM the KNZM and DNZM?

And wasn't your Maaori knighthood "Ta" last time round?

And why are we adding a title to the Order of New Zealand?

And I didn't notice a single media report which actually referred to these as being the equivelant of knighthoods (which to be honest happened at one of the lists two years ago as well).

Dean Knight said...


1. Ah, er, probably? I'll need to check how I dealt with that in my Bill. I think it reverts back to old school.

2. Oops. Typo (internet cafe in Toronto...) but corrected now.

3. No - Halberg had the titular title from the previous honours in 1988 under the old system. Indeed, the practice of no titular title for the ONZ is more profound if the NZOM has titular titles...

4. No - but their accompanyting text boxes in print, in effect, carried similare explanations. carried the

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