26 October 2008

Titular titles - now an election issue?

> SST: "Key suggests a return to knighthoods" (A little to my suprise) I've discovered that there's one of John Key's policies that I agree with: the reinstatement of titular titles in the honours system. For some time now I've been arguing that titular titles could and should be integrated within our indigenous system of honours, including allowing Te Reo equivalent titles. A copy of the Bill I've drafted (in the form of a Member's Bill) is set out on the post below: > LAWS179: "New Zealand Order of Merit (Titular Titles) Bill" I would be delighted if it was progressed in the next term, either as a Member's Bill or - through direct amendment of prerogative legislation on advice of the government. As an aside, I note Helen Clark's concern that some folk previously declined the honour due to the titular title. That concerns me a little - but I am thinking about the amending the Bill to allow people to take the equivalent honour sans titular title.

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Anonymous said...

If Dame Malvina doesn't think the present system works, then why did she accept the honour of a Principal Companion of the NZ Order of Merit in the 2008 New Years Honours list? http://www.dpmc.govt.nz/honours/lists/list.asp?id=40

Btw Dean, is it something about the name "knighthoods" that appeals to you?

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